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Date:2005-11-29 02:16

Handy IRC Tip of the Day #1: If you're going to dis an op, make sure they'll be in on the joke. As in will realize it's a joke. Don't land in the penalty box.

Handy (and completely unrelated) IRC Tip of the Day #2: Target can be easily distracted with yarn.

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Date:2005-10-19 15:52

The forums are up, so I've reverted the ops levels back to normal. Thanks again to Shin, Fish and Jarp for helping out!

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Date:2005-10-16 17:17
Subject:First post!


You'll see some new symbols beside names in the chat room. Explanation key:


@ - The familiar Ops symbol you all know. Kick, ban, change topics, moderate/unmoderate the room, voice people, give other people ops, etc.
+ - Indicates someone has been voiced. This means if the room is muted/moderated, they can still speak and others will hear.


% - Half Op. They can change the topic and kick/ban anyone who isn't an AOP (someone who is automatically opped upon entering).
~ - Room founder, aka room owner (me).
& - Protected. Means you can't kick them. SOPs and Admins and stuff have this.

I'll be using Half Op (level 4 access) for temporary ops from now on, to help keep people from getting confused about who is or isn't a permanent op. Speaking of which, we have a few temporary ops until the forums are back up. Give fishfish and Shin your love.

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